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About DST

Welcome! We are the Diocesan Service Team (DST) for Charismatic Renewal in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cardiff. The diocese covers the south-east part of Wales and also Herefordshire in England.

We are Roman Catholic Christians. We operate in obedience to the Catholic Church:  The DST's bank account is part of the Archdiocese of Cardiff, a Registered Charity, no.

We are servants who support Charismatic Renewal. We know from personal experience that God's Holy Spirit can touch the lives of ordinary people, to give them new hope and the courage to help others. We acknowledge that the Holy Spirit unlocks spiritual gifts - "charisms" - in the lives of ordinary Christians so we can be used to bring God's healing, comfort and encouragement to people we meet. We want to offer these gifts to the whole church, and to all the people of South-East Wales and Herefordshire. You can read more about the Catholic Charismatic Renewal - CCR - on our website.

We are a service team - we are a group of people who work together to help local parishes and prayer groups to make best use of the Holy Spirit's gifts - gifts which are given to enable us to worship God and to touch the lives of God's people. In 2010, we are doing this through two major projects - a monthly Praise Mass which travels around the diocese, and by promoting series of Life in the Spirit Seminars, a short programme which has helped many thousands of Christians to discover a richer and deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit.

We are also able to help local parishes and prayer groups to contact individual speakers, musicians, or Christians gifted in praying with others, who may be able to help them for one-off occasions or a short series of events.

We do not work in isolation. We are in close contact with the National Service Committee (NSC) for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Wales. We recognise the great work which is taking place in Hereford by the leaders of the Hereford Catholic Conference (a full weekend every October) and their Fanning the Flame Youth Camp each summer.  We encourage other Catholic charismatic groups and individuals within our Archdiocese to contact us to help us build up ever closer links and to make best use of each other's resources. We are here to serve, together!

May God bless you, and don
't hesitate to get in touch if we can be of service to you!

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