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DST Cardiff Team Page

Core Members team:
As on August 2018 the core team has changed. Their names are
 Darryl Gonsalves (Musician)
Bernardine Gonsalves (Web admin)
Sean Ackland (Treasurer)
Rob Corrigan
Rob Coyne (Deacon)
Max Davies (Musician)
Adrian Bold (DST Chair)
Jossy Matthew (Prayer leader)
Maria Thompson
Rosetta Zurlo

Our Ex Core Team Members of past years

 The DST membership is based on a constitution adopted by members on 20th March 2010Please view pdf attachment 


Current associate member from Menevia

Peter Kift (Chair)
Dominic Belli
Frances Graham,
Rev. Ainsley Griffiths
Sheila Smith
Margaret Thomas
Helen Kift (Secretary)

Contact: 01269 870667

Ex NSC members associated with the territory of the Archdiocese of Cardiff, along with the NSC Chair)


 DST Supporters: