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Life in the Seminar events

Life in the Spirit Seminars 

The seminars have helped many people around the world in building a new and

deeper relationship with God. The Seminar was first hosted at St Dyfrig’s Parish

prayer group in Pontypridd  in January 2010.

Later this year the team hopes to run more seminars in other

parishes with existing prayer groups or churches who are interested in starting

a Catholic Charismatic prayer group. 

The life in spirit seminar normally covers the following topics which

helps people develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ

Seminar  Topics

                        God’s Love - 
                         Salvation - 
                        The New Life - 
                        Receiving God’s Spirit - 
                        Praying for Baptism in the Spirit - 
                        Growth in the Spirit - 
                        Transformation in Christ -  

If anyone is interested in inviting the DST team to their parish or prayer group

and would like further information on the seminar 

Please contact Mrs Mary Fodor  Tel no: 01443 – 201 868