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December 2012

This month:

  •   New Year's Eve Event- Welcome the New Year 2013 with the Lord through midnight mass and Adoration.
  • Pentecost 2013 in Rome with Pope Benedict XVI,
  • Year of Faith series talk,
  • Pope Benedict XVI sends his first tweet!! and a lot more..
Non DST News


Pray Your Way Into 2013!

 Half an hour of gentle praise and worship in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, followed by 11.30 pm Mass to pray our way into the Year of Grace 2013! All welcome. At St John Lloyd RC Church, Rumney, Cardiff – directions at http://www.stjohnlloyd.org.uk/?page_id=839

 Please see the event on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/122525017907717/



Year of Faith series talk by Fr Gareth Leyshon

"We believe in the Virgin Mother" third of a series of 10 talks for the year of faith took place on the 11th December 2012 This talk can be found on this link

"We believe in One Church of Christ" fourth series of 10 talks for the Year of faith on 15th January 2013  by Rev Dr Gareth Leyshon.

Fr Gareth Leyshon will explore the relationship between faith and science, including creation, healing miracles, and his own personal faith. The talk will be given twice at 1.45pm and then at 7pm
at St John Lloyd's Church, Glan Y Mor Road, Rumeny, Cardiff- CF3 1RQ- Tel no 029 20 778631

The National Service Team of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal now have a new website..
You can visit http://www.ccrw.org.uk/ for more information and their latest events.

Celebrate Wales Cardiff 2013

 Celebrate Cardiff will be held over the weekend 4th and 5th May 2013! More details will be announced later


Pope Benedict XVI send his first tweet:- Pope Benedict XVI knows the importance of social media in this day and age so the 85-year-old sent his first message,  by the end of the afternoon, he had 800,000 followers, he used a tablet computer to send his first personal Twitter message.

The message he sent read “I am pleased to get in touch with you through twitter. Thank you for your generous response. I bless you from my heart”

Pope Tweet

Pentecost 2013 in Rome with Pope Benedict XVI

Pentecost 2013 in Rome

In response to the invitation of the Holy Father Benedict XVI to the movements for Pentecost vigil in 2013, ICCRS is happy to announce that a programme has been planned around the meeting with the Pope. All those in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal who will come to Rome for the official event, from all over the world, are invited to take part in this meeting.

Pentecost 2013 in Rome

The proposed plan includes:

  • Friday evening, 18th May: Prayer meeting in a  central Church in Rome.
  • Saturday, 19th May: Pentecost Vigil with the Holy Father.
  • Sunday afternoon, 20th May: Pentecost of the Nations Celebration.

The Diocesan Service Team members found a few price quotes as follows:-

Group Tours:-
We had a few price quotes from two tour operators for a group min of 20 people for travel to Rome from 17th May 2012 to 21st May 2012..Here is a rough estimate of the quotes we received..

Price Quote 1: £539 per person including flight, hotel, morning and evening meal.

Price Quote 2: £469 per person - It includes
transfers to and from the airport, 2 days services of a local guide, half board (morning and evening meal), flights and accommodation
Supplementary Charges: Single rooms £65 per person..Travel insurance: £25

Both companies require a deposit of £175 atleast 10 weeks before departure.. The last date for booking entry is 1st March 2013.

A minimum group of 15 person is required for a group trip to from Cardiff. Pls let us
know your preferences so we can provide feedback to the tour operators.

Independent Tours:-
Those interested in being independent and not going on a group tours.

Here is a few useful websites for accomodation only:-




B@B can be found at:


Based on the group preference and response we can decide a group trip for Cardiff Archdioceses..For group tours numbers are very important so please register your interest soon..Please comment below to gives us your feedback preference and response.Please register your interest on facebook event page

Those persons not on facebook can register their interest via email to secretary@diocesanserviceteamcardiff.org
Your details will then be passed on to the Chair of the Cardiff  Diocesan Service Team- Mary Fodor and the Chair of National Service Team Frances Graham
..Pls also write to the above email  on how to pay your deposits for travel.

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